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Apparently some vegans are telling people not to eat honey to support bees.STOP. STOP NOW.DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW BEES WORK?Buy honey (local if possible) -> support beekeepers -> support bees.I swear people don’t even think this stuff out. Beekeepers provide bees with an environment in which they can live, and are encouraged to thrive. Bees then have a big huge giant person who can deal with any threats to the hive. Yes, honey is a winter food supply for bees, but beekeepers (unless they’re dicks, in which case they’d be shooting themselves in the foot) will NEVER take too much honey from a hive, and will always ensure that bees have enough food. Think about it, you’re not going to starve a source of income/hobby, are you?So now.Support beekeepers.Support

I had to reblog just for “DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW BEES WORK?" because it made me realize that some people really don’t!

Reblogging for my bee brethren!

You know you’re hungry when someone carrying a styrofoam to-go container walks past and you think “oh man that looks good.”

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Peanut Butter Cup Pie

My new life motto thanks to Mindy Kaling.


if i ever date a famous person and got hate for it I’d honestly be the most sarcastic bitch ever to them I’d be like lol can’t hear you over the great sex we just had

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When your parents pull up and you forgot to do your chores